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Public Health Ministry

Costa Rican diet includes too much salt, processed food, experts say

A recent study found that one fast food kid's meal in Costa Rica had six times more sodium than the same meal from the same restaurant chain in the U.K.

Pigeon overpopulation in San José threatens human health, historic monuments

Costa Rica's Health Ministry recently ordered San José city officials to come up with a plan to control the urban pigeon population. The birds are becoming a health hazard.

Costa Rica approves regulations to restart medical research on humans

A Health Ministry official acknowledged there are still concerns by various groups on issues such as the testing of new drugs and vaccines, and with tests conducted on vulnerable members of the public such as children, people with disabilities and seniors.

Costa Rica’s Solís considers reinstating IVF by executive decree

“We are reaching a point where we will be forced to make a decision. That includes the possibility of passing IVF by an executive decree so that the country does not have to face another sanction,” Solís told reporters.

IVF Watch: Inter-American Court of Human Rights demands answers from noncompliant Costa Rica

Costa Rica is (still) the only country in the Western Hemisphere to ban IVF.

Unregistered, illegal health products sold online, delivered to Costa Rica

Public Health Ministry officials reported that they have found a total of 69 websites, including social media profiles and online pharmacies, that offer to deliver medication and other health products that don't comply with Costa Rica’s sanitary regulations.

Costa Rica government says it will reinstate in vitro fertilization within 6 months

Costa Rica is the only country in the Western Hemisphere to completely ban in vitro fertilization. Some 70 couples are suing the government for denying them the right to undergo the procedure, asking for compensation of up to ₡150 million each.

Shunned by lawmakers, plaintiffs seeking Costa Rica IVF legalization turn to President Solís for help

A draft currently pending discussion by members of the Legislative Assembly’s Social Affairs Committee has over 300 motions against its approval.

Costa Rica’s health minister steps down

Costa Rican Health Minister María Elena López Núñez on Friday afternoon submitted her resignation to President Luis Guillermo Solís, citing family and personal reasons.

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