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Goodbye, Fabricio!

The PRN campaign was crumbling with each passing day, while on the other side things looked more boring, less spectacular, but more balanced.

PHOTOS: Costa Rica’s media swarms on Election Day

A look at the crowds surrounding politicians on Costa Rica’s big day.

Costa Rica’s Election Day: They all thought they’d win, and so did I

We're all in this together: that's what struck me the most throughout the day.

PHOTOS: Final pre-election activities for Costa Rica’s candidates

Take a look at the candidates' final rallies and quality time with family.

Fabricio Alvarado, the evangelical singer seeking Costa Rica’s presidency

"People with experience have left us with bad experiences. I fully trust God, and if I’ve gotten here, it’s because I am capable.”

Costa Rican elections combine close polls, vastly different positions

The second and final vote will be held April 1.

Presidential candidates in Costa Rica close campaigns with San José rallies

The two candidates came into the final stretch of the campaign neck and neck, without a glimpse of a clear winner.

New poll in Costa Rica: another small Fabricio lead, another statistical dead heat

Fifteen percent of those who intend to vote on April 1 say they are still undecided.

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