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El Salvadoran Woman Jailed for Abortion: “I Lost my Youth, my Family”.

Kenia was 17 years old when she suffered a fall that caused her to lose her pregnancy. In El Salvador, where abortion is illegal...

Ex-Guerrilla and Student Leader Critical of Ortega Sentenced to Prison in Nicaragua

Nicaragua's former vice-chancellor Víctor Tinoco and student leader Max Jerez were sentenced on Monday to 13 years in prison for threatening the integrity of...

Colombia’s forgotten Alcatraz: the island prison of Gorgona

At the end of October, a presidential candidate stirred up old memories when proposing to send corrupt politicians to Colombia's notorious former island prison...

UN Committee Against Torture concerned by prison overcrowding in Costa Rica

“Policies should not focus on constructing new prisons, but rather on decreasing the rate of incarceration,” said the delegate of the United Nations.

The Nicaraguan war hero accused of “terrorism”

Ex-colonel Carlos Brenes was a guerrilla and military man of high rank in the two wars in Nicaragua; friend of Camilo Ortega and of great respect in the Army. Now he is detained, being accused of terrorism.

“I was rotting in El Chipote,” university student Bayardo Siles talks about his days in jail

Before fleeing Nicaragua, Bayardo José Siles Rodríguez, a university student and human rights activist from Matagalpa, was illegally locked up in prisons across three departments for ten days.

Judge orders closure of overcrowded San Sebastián prison

Costa Rica's notorious San Sebastián prison must be closed within 18 months, according to a judge's ruling that cited rampant overcrowding and inhumane conditions at the prison.

Costa Rica police recapture Michigan fugitive

John Saatio was found by a patrol in Los Guido, Desamparados, a canton immediately south of San José, according to a statement from the Public Security Ministry.

Panama police convicted of burning teens alive in cell

Seven policemen who watched five teenagers burn to death in a juvenile detention center in Panama after firing teargas into their cell have been sentenced to prison.

Few rules govern treatment of transgender prisoners in Costa Rica

There are few set criteria governing how transgender inmates should be handled by Costa Rican prisons. Many men who identify as women are sent to men's prisons.

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