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Presidential elections 2018

Making their case in the final days

The candidates face off again as voters continue to mull over their options.

A second round, Holy Sunday and the poor electoral menu

Let’s assume it's a fact that Costa Rica will vote for its next president for the first time in our history on Easter Sunday,...

PHOTOS: Costa Rican presidential candidates hold debate at La Reforma prison

The unit where the debate was held houses inmates with light sentences or who have demonstrated good behavior during their incarceration.

Four presidential candidates in favor of breaking fuel monopoly

Aside from their opinions about RECOPE's monopoly, candidates agreed on most of the other economic issues discussed at the debate.

Citizen Action Party nominates presidential candidate for 2018

A journalist and political scientist, Carlos Alvarado Quesada said that the struggle to keep his party in Casa Presidencial “has just began.”

Ten new parties register for the 2018 election

In total 16 national parties are registered to take part in the presidential elections, and 12 are allowed to present candidates for the Legislative Assembly.

The conversation Costa Rica should be having this election year

The 2018 elections should open the door for some much-needed conversations in Costa Rica. Is this likely? No, but Alvaro Murillo won't give up hope.

Costa Rican legislator praises Trump’s tactics as he eyes new presidential bid

Libertarian lawmaker and former presidential candidate Otto Guevara says he'll decide next year whether to run for president, but that his party should learn a few things from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's playbook.

Ticos living abroad can now register online to vote in 2018

The number of Ticos registered to vote from abroad doubled in the past two years from 12,654 to 25,370 as of Sept. 30.

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