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Fernando Cardenal, Nicaraguan priest sanctioned by Vatican, dies at age 82

Fernando Cardenal was minister of education and led a literacy campaign under Nicaragua's Sandinista government in the 1980s.

El Salvador unites behind martyr Romero, 35 years on

Today, Salvadorans will remember Archbishop Oscar Romero at masses in his honor across the country, and with a ceremony in San Salvador cathedral led by Panamanian Cardinal José Luis Lacunza.

Meet Juan Delgado, 26-year-old painter of popes

How do you get permission to paint a portrait of the Pope? Most of us wouldn’t have any idea where to start, but Juan Manuel Delgado found a simple solution: He wrote the Pope’s sister on Facebook.

Dissenters voice doubt over John Paul II sainthood

The pontiff credited with helping to bring down Communism in Eastern Europe – and whose canonization was made possible by a supposed miracle in Costa Rica – was accused of backing right-wing dictators in Latin America including Augusto Pinochet in Chile during the Cold War.

The Costa Rican ‘miracle’ woman who survived an aneurysm and made Pope John Paul II a saint

Floribeth Mora, a 50-year-old Costa Rican, has now become a sort of religious icon herself.

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