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Pepe Figueres

Costa Rica celebrates 72nd anniversary of army abolition by inaugurating museum

The museum occupies the house in which Figueres — remembered as Don Pepe — lived on a farm where he developed many of the ideas that he would put into practice.

Henrietta Boggs, First Lady of the Revolution, dies at 102

Henrietta Boggs, the First Lady of the Revolution in Costa Rica, died earlier this month at 102.

Documentary featuring former Costa Rica first lady premieres in San José

The Costa Rica premiere of a new documentary featuring U.S. citizen and former first lady of Costa Rica Henrietta Boggs takes place Tuesday at 8 p.m. the Cine Magaly in San José.

Citizen group wants referendum on drafting a new Constitution

Proponents of a new constitution want to decentralize the government's power and declare Costa Rica a secular state.

The story of Costa Rica’s forgotten World War II internment camp

In downtown San José, just west of the Cementerio de Obreros, sits a forgettable lot of urban real estate where the municipality and the Public Works and Transport Ministry park garbage trucks and heavy equipment. But on this same spot 73 years ago, an internment camp was erected by the government to hold hundreds of German-Costa Rican prisoners after the United States and Costa Rica entered World War II in December 1941.

‘El Codo del Diablo’ forces viewers to rethink narrative of Costa Rica’s democratic past

The documentary film “El Codo del Diablo” sets out to reveal a hidden history of Costa Rica by revisiting a terrible crime that unfolded in Limón in 1948.

With friends like these, did Johnny need enemies?

Following the surprise suspension of his presidential campaign, it must be admitted that from the beginning Johnny Araya had unique hurdles to overcome as a National Liberation Party candidate. The early frontrunner in this campaign, he nonetheless was burdened with the history that no Costa Rican party has won the presidential election for a third consecutive term.

Is the sword still the enemy of freedom in Costa Rica?

The controversy this week over the nonexistent U.S. military base in Costa Rica brings to mind the year 1985, when U.S. Green Berets were...

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