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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Costa Rica calls for 100 countries to ban cluster bombs

Joining the convention means that countries promise not to produce, store, sell or use cluster bombs and destroy any preexisting arsenals.

Costa Rica celebrates 66th anniversary of the abolition of its army

Along with the principles of freedom and democracy, the force of reason has prevailed throughout Costa Rican history. The abolition of the military is one of those exceptional steps that led Costa Rica to become a fairer, more educated society able to meet the most pressing needs of its population, focusing on human development rather than strengthening its military capabilities.

Guitar Festival, French cinema, and other happenings around Costa Rica

A roundup of events going on Sept. 19 – 25.

Militarism in Costa Rica

Commerce takes precedence over life. Superiority takes precedence over life. Power takes precedence over life.

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