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Óscar López

Costa Rica’s 2015 social media sensations

Narco Paloma, Gerardo Cruz and Katy Perry's Lizano tweet: Among Costa Rica's top five social media sensations of 2015.

Ex-San José mayor and presidential dropout Johnny Araya denies rumors of party flip-flop ahead of 2016 elections

Johnny Araya, the National Liberation Party’s disgraced former presidential candidate and former long-term mayor of Costa Rica's capital, denied recent rumors that he had meetings with leaders from the Accessibility Without Exclusion Party to run for mayor next year.

Hopscotching down the aisle: 2 steps forward and 1 shove to the right on same-sex civil unions

For the second time in a month, Citizen Action Party (PAC) members of the Legislative Assembly seem ready to trade away the interests of LGBT Costa Ricans in order to secure votes for something they more desire.

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