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Oscar Arias

Costa Rican foundation denounces cyberattacks by Nicaraguan officials

The foundation of former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias on Monday denounced cyberattacks on its social networks and attributed them to groups related to...

Costa Rican police launch ‘massive operation’ against illegal gold mining at Crucitas

The Costa Rican congress banned open pit mining in 2010, shortly after the termination of Infinito Gold's contract at Crucitas.

Former environment minister looks back (and ahead) at Costa Rica’s green road

Costa Rica is planning for carbon neutrality, but the country is falling far short in other areas, Umaña says.

The Tico Times Dispatch: February news roundup

In this episode of The Tico Times Dispatch we go over the biggest news stories in February.

Why Now: Oscar Arias accusers explain why they waited to come forward       

Each woman has answered a question that often circles around survivors who come forward with an alleged assault years after it occurred: “Why now?”

Oscar Arias’s Crucitas case dismissed; prosecutor plans appeal

A judge declared that the statute of limitations for bringing Arias to trial had passed.

Arias and second Costa Rican politician reportedly accused of additional sexual crimes

Costa Rica's sudden introduction to the #MeToo movement is not showing signs of slowing down.

Óscar Arias visits prosecutor’s office, declines specific comments on allegations

Arias briefly spoke to assembled media but declined to comment specifically on the two criminal complaints that were filed in Costa Rica's judicial system last week.

The Tico Times Weekly Digest: Feb. 11, 2019

In this week's digest, we look at how the #MeToo movement came to Costa Rica last week. Advisory: Explicit details of alleged sexual assault

Former Miss Costa Rica files second sexual abuse claim against Óscar Arias

A second woman filed a criminal complaint for sexual abuse against former Costa Rican president and Nobel Peace laureate Óscar Arias, local press said on Friday.

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