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Oscar Arias

Ex-President Abel Pacheco to back opposition candidate Solís

In the run-up to Costa Rica's April 6 presidential runoff, the final two candidates are now battling for endorsements from the country's former leaders.

Oscar Arias confirms he will vote for Johnny Araya in the runoff

Translation: "Oscar Arias reiterates his support for Araya in the second round, and denies that Luis Guillermo Solís asked for his support."

Luis Guillermo Solís says he is not seeking support from ex-President Oscar Arias

"That is gossip, and it comes as a result of everyone watching us. They have not communicated anything to me, I will not join with them, I am not thinking about joining with them, so I appreciate it that you clarify that these are only rumors," Solís said Monday.

A look at Costa Rica’s 2014 elections

Check out these photos from Sunday's vote.

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