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Holiday gift guide: A taste of Costa Rica, no matter where you are

Here are some Costa Rica-themed gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself!). 

Now in Costa Rica: Amazon direct delivery

Customers can download the Amazon Shopping app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Finance Ministry issues warning ahead of shopping season

The Finance Ministry this week reported that problems with Customs duties in the past year resulted in the seizure of thousands of packages, most of them online purchases made between October and December, boosted by Black Friday and Christmas.

Online shopping still low in Costa Rica, study finds

Despite having an Internet coverage of some 88 percent of the country, only 12 percent of consumers in Costa Rica shop online, a study on e-commerce released by consultant company Kantar Worldpanel showed.

Clock ticking to ship gifts to Costa Rica in time for the holidays

There is still time to buy holiday gifts online from the United States to have shipped to Costa Rica, but time is running short.

Most Costa Rica workers plan to save their Christmas bonus: survey

While Christmas is the shopping season par excellence, most workers in Costa Rica say they will leave their Christmas bonus, or aguinaldo, in their bank account, according to results of a survey released by consulting firm Unimer.

3 reasons we keep falling for Black Friday

A look at the human tendencies that draw shoppers to Black Friday like a moth to a flame. (A flame that's half-off, one day only.)

With the biggest shopping days ahead, Costa Rica still lacks good e-commerce regulations

While two of the biggest shopping days – Black Friday and Christmas – are quickly approaching, Costa Rican lawmakers are working to pass legislation that improves controls and consumer protection of e-commerce transactions, an area where the country lags.

Black Friday in Costa Rica: Half of Ticos surveyed plan to shop

Costa Ricans have wholeheartedly embraced the U.S. shopping phenomenon that is Black Friday.

EBay unveils websites tailored to Latin America in global push

Latin American countries are projected to be among the fastest-growing business-to-consumer e-commerce markets in the world, according to EMarketer. Sales in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are all estimated to rise by 19 percent or more this year.

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