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Nicaragua refugees

Nicaraguans in Costa Rica Hold Vigil

Some 300 Nicaraguans gathered Tuesday night at the Plaza de la Democracia, in San Jose, Costa Rica, on the four-year anniversary of protests against...

Nicaraguan opposition activist shot, critically wounded in Costa Rica

The leader of a group of opposition Nicaraguan exiles was shot and critically wounded in Costa Rica, family members and campaigners said.

One million Central Americans will have migrated by the end of 2020, says UNHCR

One million Central Americans will have forcibly migrated by the end of 2020, mainly due to the violence that plagues the region.

Ortega denounces international ‘campaign of viciousness’ against Nicaragua

President Daniel Ortega alleged that there is a campaign of viciousness against Nicaragua and accused the United States and the European countries of interventionism

Fear in Nicaragua as Ortega prepares new laws ahead of elections

The projects promoted by Ortega and the Sandinista parliamentary group in Congress coincide with growing reports of arrests, harassment of opposition leaders and demands for electoral reforms.

False information punishable by years in prison under proposed Nicaraguan law

The draft bill would allow sentences of two to four years for the publication or dissemination of false (or) distorted information, likely to spread anxiety, anguish or fear.

United Nations asks Costa Rica to expedite procedures for refugee requests

Some 55,000 Nicaraguans have requested refugee status in Costa Rica, and most cases have not been resolved.

Journalist critical of Daniel Ortega returns to Nicaragua after exile in Costa Rica

Chamorro returned despite admitting there is no guarantee for his safety.

Fleeing Nicaragua: The escape

The Tico Times talks to refugees who fled Nicaragua about their time in the protests, the subsequent persecution and how they fled to Costa Rica. In part one, we talk to Lesly Antonio Mayorga, a former Sandinista soldier the government now considers a terrorist.

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