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Monteverde cloud forest

The day I rode my bicycle to see the president

"There are some amazing upsides to a country where a government largely trusts its own people, and where vitriol and intolerance are very much the exception, not the rule."

President Solís pledges to repair road to Monteverde by next year

The 17.5-kilometer stretch of Route 606 between Guacimal and Santa Elena, Monteverde is slated for completion in September 2018.

To pave or not to pave? Monteverde’s ongoing roadway saga

Will a newly paved road to Monteverde bring more pros that cons? A resident digs into the issue.

Monteverde: You can get there from here, but you’ll need some pura vida

I’d been this exact guy about five years ago on our first trip to Monteverde. It’s a long, hard drive, particularly with your entire family and related luggage squeezed into less space than is typically provided by a mini-fridge.

Pioneer Monteverde conservationist Wilford ‘Wolf’ Guindon dies at 85

Wilford "Wolf" Guindon was one of the founders of the Monteverde Quaker community in Costa Rica and a pioneer conservationist.

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