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Mexico’s Peña Nieto visits city of Iguala, where students vanished

IGUALA, Mexico – Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto visited the southern city of Iguala Wednesday for the first time since 43 students vanished there in 2014 in a case still haunting his administration.

New probe again rejects gov’t claim that missing Mexican students were incinerated

A second independent forensic investigation rejected on Tuesday the Mexican government's conclusion that 43 students who went missing in 2014 were incinerated at a garbage dump.

Mexico expands search for 43 missing students, says official

Authorities have expanded the search for 43 missing students in Mexico who vanished after they were abducted by corrupt police in 2014, a government official said.

US urges progress on case of missing students in Mexico

MEXICO CITY – The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations called on Mexico on Thursday to show progress in solving the disappearance of 43 students and other high-profile allegations of human rights abuses.

Mexico missing students case file shows contradictions

While Mexican prosecutors declared last year that 43 missing students were incinerated at a landfill, official documents show one gang suspect testified that at least nine were slaughtered elsewhere.

Sting slams ‘epidemic’ of disappearances in Mexico

British rock legend Sting urged Mexico's government on Monday to do more to end the "epidemic" of disappearances after meeting with families of some of the country's many missing people.

Mexico posts investigation into 43 missing students online

Mexico's attorney general published online on Sunday the 54,000 pages of documents from the much-criticized investigation into last year's disappearance of 43 students.

Parents of 43 missing students in Mexico wage hunger strike

MEXICO CITY – Parents of 43 students who disappeared last year began a 43-hour hunger strike on Wednesday, a day before meeting with President Enrique Peña Nieto ahead of the case's one-year anniversary.

Mexico police, protesters clash ahead of grim anniversary of 43 missing students

Protesters demanding justice for 43 missing students and their families clashed with police and torched a truck in Mexico's southern state of Guerrero on Tuesday, just days before the tragedy's first anniversary.

Mexico’s 43 missing students continue to haunt President Peña Nieto – and they should

"Mexico needs to resolve the case as soon as possible, not only to solve this crime, but also to prove to the world that there is a light at the end of the tunnel of impunity in Mexico," El Universal newspaper said in an editorial.

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