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medical marijuana

Mexico top court decriminalizes recreational marijuana use

Mexico's Supreme Court on Monday decriminalized recreational marijuana use for adults

Mexico close to legalizing recreational marijuana use

The law would make Mexico one of just a few countries, including Uruguay and Canada, to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

Lawmakers in Costa Rica ask government to speed up medical cannabis debate

Costa Rica has said it supports hemp production, but has expressed reservations with cannabis, claiming it would need to create mechanisms to prevent its recreational use.

Costa Rica seeks path to legalize medical marijuana

Costa Rica could tap into a market worth billions of dollars by legalizing hemp and medical marijuana.

Israeli investor accuses U.S. man of heading medical marijuana fraud

According to an official complaint filed March 8, an Israeli investor says Thomas Reeves took $25,000 from him after falsifying licenses and documents.

Court rules Canadians can grow their own medical pot

A Canadian court Wednesday struck down federal rules governing the growing and distribution of medical marijuana, ruling that Canadians have a constitutional right to grow it for themselves at home.

Advocate says Costa Rica’s medical marijuana bill doesn’t go far enough

Medical marijuana advocates made their case, a lawyer got off the hook for growing pot on his roof, and police announced a two-metric-ton marijuana seizure.

Canada’s next big move? It may be legalizing pot.

Has Canada's war on marijuana worked? "No, it hasn't," said Clive Weighill, chief of the Saskatoon police force, president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and a veteran of August marijuana raids.

Mexico’s top court opens door to recreational pot use

The activists who won the court ruling say they don't actually plan to grow and smoke pot. Rather, they say, they wanted to force Mexico's Congress to open a debate about legalizing marijuana in order to curb drug-related violence.

Ban on growing marijuana for personal use challenged in Costa Rica Supreme Court

Marijuana advocates are watching a new case this week before Costa Rica’s Supreme Court challenging an anti-drug law that bans growing marijuana here.

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