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LGBT rights Costa Rica

Photos: Pride 2019 in San José, Costa Rica

Tens of thousands of people participated in Marcha de la Diversidad on Sunday afternoon throughout San José.

Government signs decrees improving LGBTQ rights in Costa Rica

President Carlos Alvarado said via his Twitter that "we are building a more just and egalitarian Costa Rica for all people."

We need to take a second look at our assumptions about gay marriage

The study of history and even casual observation clearly confirm that LGBTQ people are important contributing members of society.

UN committee recommends Costa Rica allow abortion in cases of rape

A committee from the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights recommended that Costa Rica should review its legislation on abortion in cases of rape, incest or when fatal fetal impairment exists.

Costa Rica files criminal complaint against same-sex couple who married due to clerical error

The director of Costa Rica's Civil Registry has filed a criminal complaint alleging unlawful marriage against two women who were wed here in July, because the registry mistakenly had listed one of them as a man. A complaint also was filed against the couple's public notary, the registry official announced on Monday.

Ireland’s same-sex marriage vote: Pride in Wilde’s shadow

Final opinion polls suggested the "Yes" camp was heading for victory, but campaigners for change warned against complacency, wary of a large block of shy "No" voters.

Argentine baby’s 3 parents ‘very proud’ of legal first

An Argentine toddler is the first in that country to legally have two mommies and a daddy. Antonio's lesbian mothers, Susana Guichal and Valeria Gaete, and sperm-donor father, Hernan Melazzi, are all named on the child's birth certificate.

Survey reveals hurdles for aging gay and lesbian couples in Costa Rica

Considering that a group of care workers did not even believe that LGBTI elderly people exist, among other factors, the survey determined that Costa Rica did not have an adequate supply of services and resources for LGBTI senior citizens.

Costa Rica to extend same-sex couples equal rights for public health insurance, care access

The board of directors of Costa Rica’s Social Security System, or Caja, has approved a series of amendments to the public health care agency’s regulations that, among other benefits, will grant same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples in public health care services as soon as next month.

Transgender Costa Ricans fight discrimination over name-change rights

What’s in a name? For many transgender Costa Ricans, a lot. Starting with the fact that in many cases, the names on their government-issued IDs have nothing to do with self-image or identity.

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