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Legislative Assembly 2014-2018

Legislative Assembly approves new traffic fines

The highest fines of ₡306,850 ($533) will apply for drivers who refuse to take a breathalyzer test or for owners of vehicles causing noise above the allowed decibel limit.

Lawmakers pass Animal Welfare Bill on first round vote

Legislative President Gonzalo Ramírez said lawmakers hope to hold the second and definitive vote 10 days after the bill’s publication in La Gaceta, in order to allow consultations from animal rights groups.

Opposition lawmakers maintain control of Legislative Assembly’s Directorate

UPDATE. May 2. 3:44 p.m. A total of 47 lawmakers elected Libertarian Movement Party's Natalia Díaz Quintana for the pending Vice President post. Six blank and null votes were added for a total of 53 votes.

Venezuelan lawmaker says in Costa Rica that her people eat from garbage trucks

Broad Front Party lawmaker Ligia Fallas responded to the Venezuelan lawmaker, saying many Ticos eat from the garbage too.

Lawmakers exclude full hybrids from electric cars bill

The bill proposes a series of tax incentives for promoting the purchase of new electric cars and plug-in hybrids, including the elimination of the sales, selective consumption and customs taxes.

Supreme Court deems wording of Animal Welfare Bill unconstitutional

Supreme Court Justicies opined that the broad definition of animals in the Animal Welfare bill represents a violation of the principles of reason and proportionality.

Government tables draft bills aimed at approving fiscal reforms

Delays on the approval of fiscal reforms prompted Fitch Ratings to downgrade Costa Rica's Long-Term currency bonds earlier this month and ratings for six banks, including four state-owned banks.

Legislative Assembly approves budget cuts to infrastructure, child welfare and public health

The approved ₡8,9 trillion budget is ₡22 billion lower than the original plan submitted by President Luis Guillermo Solís.

Brazil faux pas sparks heated debate in Legislative Assembly

Foreign Minister Manuel González Sanz said Costa Rica's decision to walk out of the U.N. General Assembly before Brazilian President Michel Temer's speech has been blown out of proportion.

Costa Rica President Solís advocates for migrants at UN General Assembly

Solís addressed the 71st U.N. General Assembly, saying that the migration problem is global and requires joint solutions, solidarity, shared responsibility and integral approaches.

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