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Legislative Assembly 2014-2018

Citizen groups want street harassment criminalized in Costa Rica

Women’s rights groups in Costa Rica on Tuesday disclosed the details of a citizens' initiative aimed to draft and submit to the Legislative Assembly a bill for criminalizing street sexual harassment.

Libertarians propose Caja insurance bill for workers earning less than minimum wage

In order to offer basic insurance with the Caja, current laws provide only a minimum monthly wage of ₡185,488 ($345). Caja uses this figure to calculate monthly insurance fees for workers even if they earn less than that. The law does not allow for coverage for temporary workers.

Lawmakers move forward with $13.5 million bailout plan for tourism sector

If passed by the full Legislative Assembly, the program would restructure the debt of more than 70 tourism businesses and provide them with administrative consulting.

Crash victims’ relatives ask lawmakers to table bill to eliminate prison sentences for blocking roads during protests

A demonstration of private chauffeurs on July 8 prevented ambulances from reaching the scene of an accident in which a mother and her daughter died.

Costa Rica’s Solís considers reinstating IVF by executive decree

“We are reaching a point where we will be forced to make a decision. That includes the possibility of passing IVF by an executive decree so that the country does not have to face another sanction,” Solís told reporters.

IVF Watch: Inter-American Court of Human Rights demands answers from noncompliant Costa Rica

Costa Rica is (still) the only country in the Western Hemisphere to ban IVF.

No prison sentences for petty theft, lawmakers propose

Two Costa Rican lawmakers want to fine small-time thieves instead of jailing them as a way to reduce pressure on the country's overcrowded prisons. Their draft bill calls for eliminating prison penalties for theft under ₡200,000.

Costa Rica government says it will reinstate in vitro fertilization within 6 months

Costa Rica is the only country in the Western Hemisphere to completely ban in vitro fertilization. Some 70 couples are suing the government for denying them the right to undergo the procedure, asking for compensation of up to ₡150 million each.

Shunned by lawmakers, plaintiffs seeking Costa Rica IVF legalization turn to President Solís for help

A draft currently pending discussion by members of the Legislative Assembly’s Social Affairs Committee has over 300 motions against its approval.

Setback for Solís: Opposition parties gain control of Costa Rica’s legislative directorate

Lawmakers from the ruling Citizen Action Party (PAC) and administration officials will have to step up their negotiating skills over the next year if they hope to pass their legislative agenda.

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