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Tourism entrepreneurs oppose license, royalty payments to canopy patent holder

The patent holder wants the owners of all canopy businesses operating in Costa Rica to apply for a license. He plans to collect royalties from canopy tours of $15 for every foreign tourist and $10 for locals.

Chifrijo-Gate moves forward as Costa Rica court to hear lawsuit against 49 businesses

Some businesses have followed the plaintiff's recommendations and currently are offering the popular boca under different names like "Chichifrijo," "Chifrijol," "El Innombrable" ("The Nameless") or simply "Chicharrón & Frijoles."

A milestone for the environment in the Deepwater Horizon disaster

The amount of BP money that will flow into Gulf Coast restoration over the next two decades is prodigious. Both BP and the government deserve credit for heading off a nasty and prolonged legal battle. What we still don't know — and may not know for a very long time — is the extent of the damage the spill caused.

‘Chifrijo-gate’: a dish, a lawsuit, and the origins of a Tico classic

The news exploded this week: Miguel Cordero, a humble restaurateur, plans to sue 49 different establishments across Costa Rica, including some chain restaurants like KFC and Spoon. Cordero is demanding a total of $15 million in damages for one reason: He says he invented chifrijo, and everybody else has been cashing in on his recipe.

Court throws out ex-President Chinchilla’s social media defamation lawsuit

While the court ruled in favor of the defendant, freedom of expression experts said the preliminary ruling does not necessarily signal a free-for-all when it comes to criticizing public officials.

Explainer: Why is Costa Rica’s former President Laura Chinchilla suing a hotelier over a Facebook post?

Former President Laura Chinchilla (2010-2014) appeared at a criminal court in San José Monday morning for a defamation lawsuit she filed in June 2013 against businessman Alberto Rodríguez Baldi.

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