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La Selva

Photo of army ants in Costa Rica wins international award

Costa Rica's striking natural beauty looks almost as good on camera as it does in person. 

Costa Rican ants might have the secret to better antibiotics

The research group already patented their findings, therefore if the project concludes with a commercially distributed antibiotic, recognition and a share of the profits will be distributed equally among the three universities.

The Tico Times event gives inside look at — and taste of — local craft beer scene

Brewers noted that Costa Rican ingredients — including coffee, tropical fruits and Costa Rica's spring waters — give the country's beer producers ample space to carve out a unique identity in the global craft beer scene.

Pacific coast craft beer La Selva hits San José

You hear it all the time: Some bearded guy from Oregon decides to brew beer. He loves beer. He loves gastropubs. He reads all...

Feeding on caimans

VIDEO: Butterflies and bees were caught caiman crocodilian tears at La Selva biological reserve in Puerto Viejo, Sarapiquí.

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