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Knights Templar

Mexico drug war shootout leaves dozens dead

MEXICO CITY – At least 37 people were killed Friday in a gunfight with federal police in a western Mexico region hit by cartel violence, in one of the bloodiest clashes in the country's drug war.

15 Mexican police killed in gang ambush

Authorities say the assault appeared to be in revenge over the arrest of gang suspects in an investigation into a failed assassination attempt against Jalisco's state security commissioner on March 30.

Mexico struggles to sort self-defense forces from cartels as players switch sides

For a man who faked his own death by posing with red paint running down his neck and who has recorded a video tell-all to be sent to the Drug Enforcement Administration in the event he is murdered, José Santiago Valencia Sandoval seems to lead a remarkably stress-free life.

New violence grips Mexican state

MEXICO CITY – Dark days of violence have returned to Mexico's northeastern state of Tamaulipas, prompting authorities to deploy more soldiers after nearly 80 people died in drug cartel gunfights in one month.

Mexican authorities say Knights Templar cartel leader Nazario Moreno has been killed – again

MEXICO CITY – How many times will Nazario Moreno die?

Mexico anti-drug militias return land to villagers

Mexican vigilante militias battling drug-traffickers in the restive state of Michoacán said Thursday they had returned several hundred acres of land seized from villagers by a notorious drug cartel.

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