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El Salvador Government denies using spyware on Journalists

The government of El Salvador has denied using the Israeli Pegasus software to spy on journalists and activists. In a statement issued late Wednesday, spokeswoman...

Prevented from entering Havana, Cuban journalist asks for refuge in Costa Rica

A week after Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís saw off one of the last flights of the Cuban migrant airlift, hundreds more Cuban migrants mass again at the southern border with Panama.

Remembering Dery Dyer, former editor and publisher of The Tico Times

Dery Dyer, who as editor and publisher of The Tico Times shaped generations of journalists, looked back at the world of print journalism and the monumental efforts to get the paper out to readers around the world.

Costa Rican produces episode that wins first-ever Pulitzer Prize for audio journalism

Nadia Reiman, who was born in Costa Rica and moved to the United States as a child, produced The Out Crowd.

Costa Rican-Nicaraguan journalist wins international award for courage

Lucía Pineda spent almost six months in prison for her criticisms of the government of Daniel Ortega

Threats against independent journalists in Nicaragua continue

Juan Carlos Arce, a lawyer for the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights, (CENIDH), says social media sites are the most common vehicle to intimidate independent journalists during this period of government repression.

The Tico Times partners with La Prensa to bring more coverage from Nicaragua

Information is another weapon in Nicaragua. It’s not the lack of it that’s dangerous, it’s the manipulation. The violence and unrest in Nicaragua is easy...

The Tico Times at 62: Finding new ways to serve and celebrate Costa Rica

Here's what we've been up to in the months since we reopened.

There was a problem at the polls in Costa Rica – and I was part of it

These are the people we ask to trust us to tell the truth, and when they finally get a glimpse of us, we act like savages.

Dear Jonathan Harris: How The Tico Times shaped my life

A Tico Times writer reflects on how the opportunity given to her by owner and publisher Jonathan Harris has begun to affect the course of her life.

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