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Microsoft now supports the middle-finger emoji — what’s holding up everyone else?

When Microsoft released its Windows 10 operating system for free in 190 countries Wednesday, it also gave the world the finger. Literally.

Grooveshark co-founder dead at 28

Josh Greenberg died at his home Sunday evening in Gainesville, Florida, the university town where he helped launch the site in 2006.

Cuba to launch first public Wi-Fi hotspots

HAVANA, Cuba – Cuba announced plans Thursday to open 35 public Wi-Fi hotspots and halve the price to go online, seeking to expand Internet access in one of the world's least-connected countries.

Apple unveils streaming music, improvements to iPhones, Watch software

SAN FRANCISCO, California — Apple unveiled on Monday a new subscription service, simply called "Apple Music," to compete with Spotify, Pandora and other services that are quickly redefining how consumers buy and listen to music.

Twitter has a huge problem — and it’s all in your head

Nine years after the site launched, and two years after investors began demanding user growth, Twitter seems to have realized what lots of hardcore users learned the hard way long ago: that the great hallmark of Twitter, the unfiltered real-time feed, is psychologically untenable.

Is the Internet giving us all ADHD?

Whatever the exact relationship between the Internet and ADHD, University of Chicago psychologist Michael Pietrus says it is important to realize that pushing back against these symptoms requires a careful, intentional strategy. There's a lot of research that suggests mindfulness and meditation could help people sustain their attention, even online

Maintenance work may affect ICE Internet, phone services this week

Works will be carry out all week at specific times and areas, according to a schedule released by ICE.

File-sharing site The Pirate Bay reappears on Costa Rica web address hours after Swedish police shut it down

The popular file-sharing website The Pirate Bay was taken down Tuesday morning following a police raid in Sweden, but only a few hours later it was relaunched as, meaning it is now parked at a Costa Rica domain.

Korean company could offer free national Wi-Fi network in Costa Rica

Casa Presidencial and the Foreign Trade Ministry announced Thursday that the government is in discussions with the South Korean company Wells Communications, Inc. to develop a national LED public lighting system that would also provide free wireless Internet.

Court orders state-run mobile carrier to pay customers for poor coverage

A Civil and Administrative Tribunal ordered the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) to pay ₡500,000 ($945) to two of its customers for a lack of signal that prevented them from seeking help after a traffic accident three years ago. The plaintiffs say the amount awarded is far too little.

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