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From Brooklyn to Costa Rica: ‘It was the best decision of my life’

The Tico Times chats with writer Natasha Gordon-Chipembere in the first profile in a new series focused on stories of immigration to Costa Rica.

5 questions for a French-African painter in Costa Rica

Painter Delphine Raveau, like many others, fell in love with Costa Rica and couldn't go away. Now, she calls it her home and her source of inspiration as an artist.

Carta a nuestros lectores

Presentamos con mucho orgullo nuevas iniciativas de The Tico Times para celebrar la diversidad de Costa Rica.

Pressure mounts on Costa Rica-Nicaragua border after migrant shelter closes

The closure of the shelter that housed 85 and fed 150 people a day is likely to further concentrate immigrants in the area around Peñas Blancas, as more arrive every day with no way forward.

Dispatch from the border: Migrants have shelter but little else

African migrants have basic shelter along the border of Costa Rica and Panama but the only thing they really want is safe passage to the U.S.

African migrants on honor system as Costa Rican officials search for solutions

As news came over the weekend that Panama would carry out another airlift to Mexico for 3,800 unauthorized Cuban migrants there, hundreds of migrants from across Africa remain in Costa Rica with no way forward.

More than 100 African migrants caught entering Costa Rica illegally

Immigration officials accepted refugee applications from 60 of the 116 migrants. The remaining 56 were returned to Panama, according to Immigration Administration spokeswoman Seidy Muñoz.

Why some Cuban migrants aren’t trying their chances with smugglers

The bottleneck out of Costa Rica is stretching the patience of Cuban migrants and the Costa Rican government's pocketbook. But some still won't risk it.

The fate of thousands of Cuban migrants will be determined at a Quality Inn

Costa Rica has proposed a “humanitarian corridor” through the region that would allow the migrants to pass freely through with temporary transit visas.

Cuban migrants caught in limbo again as Nicaragua sends them back to Costa Rica

Nicaragua temporarily closed its border with Costa Rica, and riot police fired tear gas after 700 Cubans reportedly tried to peacefully cross on Sunday.

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