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Costa Rica explores using the ocean to generate electric power

The generation of maritime energy is technologically viable, but it is currently not very accessible from a financial point of view.

Costa Rica inaugurates Las Pailas II geothermal plant, boosts sustainable energy production

Over the past several years, Costa Rica has generated the vast majority of its electricity from renewable sources, including geothermal power. 

Solving Costa Rica’s traffic and pollution problem

How can Costa Rica achieve electric transportation?

Almost all of Costa Rica’s energy has come from renewable sources since 2014

Just 1.47 percent of Costa Rica’s electricity from June 1, 2014 to June 30, 2018 used fossil fuels.

ICE seeks annulment of $112 million payment to Italian company

The state-owned Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) asked for an annulment of the mediation proceedings that require the institute to provide a large payment...

Power overload in Panama causes outage in Costa Rica

Traffic Police Director Mario Calderón reported that there were 71 accidents during the power outage throughout the country.

Ombudsman’s Office opposes hikes in electricity rates for CNFL

The Ombudsman's Office called the hike petition excessive and said it would affect both households and businesses.

Reduced electricity rates this year? Don’t hold your breath

ICE Executive President Carlos Obregón and CNFL General Manager Víctor Solís will have to appear before a Legislative Assembly committee to explain the impact of the agencies' investments on electricity rates.

Earth Hour in Costa Rica saved more electricity than in 2016

During this year's Earth Hour, Costa Rica saved 32 kilowatts, 2 more than in last year's celebration.

Costa Rica detains Somalian on terrorist alert

Costa Rican authorities say a suspected terrorist from Somalia was detained Wednesday on orders from U.S. immigration officers.

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