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Homes, businesses that produce renewable energy can now store it in the grid

Costa Rican homes and businesses that generate electricity through solar and other renewable sources can store surplus in the grid starting Friday.

Reventazón, Central America’s biggest hydroelectric project, goes online

The first of the Reventazón dam’s five turbines went online this week. When the dam is fully operational, it will produce enough power for an estimated 525,000 homes.

Regulatory Authority approves lower electricity rates except for San José, Cartago residents

Electricity rates in Costa Rica will be up to 5 percent cheaper for customers of six of the country’s eight main suppliers thanks to abundant renewable energy.

Costa Rica moves forward on distributed generation with net metering to start in April

Hoping to install solar panels in your home to help you save on your electricity bill? Costa Rica just took a major step forward by establishing the price structure for net metering for distributed generation, opening the door to a potential solar boom.

Costa Rica ranks just above average in 4G mobile coverage

A study on 4G LTE mobile networks ranks performance and coverage of Costa Rica's carriers just above average for the world.

Costa Rica seeks to boost electric, hybrid cars

Costa Rica leads the world in green energy, but lags on vehicle pollution. A bill under discussion in the legislature seeks to change that.

Electricity rates for ICE customers to drop in January

The public services regulator approved a 6.7 percent cut in electricity rates for customers of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute starting in January.

Costa Rica to double wind power generation in coming years

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute expects wind power to increase from 7 percent of the country's total energy mix currently to 10.5 percent in 2017.

Costa Rica legislature to hear bill allowing ‘green’ geothermal projects in national parks

Despite declarations from the executive branch that the Costa Rican government will not pursue geothermal electricity development in national parks, the office of governing Citizen Action Party legislator Ottón Solís is working on a bill to allow it in three volcanic protected areas.

ICE customers to face phone, Internet, cable interruptions this week

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) announced rolling interruptions of phone, Internet and cable services this week in five provinces. Find out if/when it will affect you.

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