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Hurricane Iota

No one left: Extreme weather fuels Guatemalan migration

Lazaro Yat looked on helplessly as his 17-year-old son left the family home in Guatemala and embarked on the perilous journey to the United...

Four hurricane names retired after deadly destruction

The Atlantic hurricane names Dorian, Laura, Eta and Iota are being retired due to the trail of death and destruction left in their wake

Hurricanes and Covid heap misery on Central America

Already grappling with chronic gang-related violence, food insecurity and the effects of climate change, the pandemic and recent hurricanes have left some Central Americans destitute.

Hunger rising in Central America amid climate, virus shocks: UN

Hunger levels are soaring across much of Central America as countries battle economic crises sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic and extreme climate events

Eta and Iota damages in Honduras exceed $1.8 billion

Almost 100 people died in Honduras after the passage of two cyclones in the first half of November.

Central America hopes to resume climate agenda with Biden, Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister says

Central American countries hope to resume environmental talks in their relations with the United States when Joe Biden takes office, says Costa Rican Foreign Minister Rodolfo Solano.

Back-to-back hurricanes exacerbate poverty in Nicaragua

The North Caribbean, one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua, is mired in uncertainty and despair after the double blow of hurricanes Eta and Iota, which sowed death and destruction in Central America.

Central American states count cost of Iota amid search for bodies

Rescue workers dug through mounds of thick mud in the grim search for bodies as Central American countries began to count the cost of Hurricane Iota.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras airport submerged by Hurricane Iota flood

Hurricane Iota caused significant damage this week in Honduras, including to the country's largest airport.

News briefs: Costa Rica news highlights to end your week

Happy Friday from The Tico Times! Here's the news you should know today.

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