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Costa Rica
Monday, August 2, 2021
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howler monkeys

Watch: Howler monkeys in Potrero, Guanacaste

Howler monkeys may be among the most interesting animals to spot in Costa Rica. And they're not all that difficult to find — you just need to use your ears.

Wild Costa Rica: Pippi the Howler Monkey

Hola! My name is Pippi and I came to Sibu in Costa Rica this past December. They believe I have a brain and spinal injury...

Mysterious monkey deaths could be related to climate change

Drought, disease or something more sinister has caused a massive die-off of howler monkeys in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and other Latin American countries.

Costa Rica’s howler monkeys are the least loud but most well-endowed

For male howler monkeys on the search for a mate, size matters; but being a well-endowed monkey comes at a price. The results of a new study show that in some species of howler monkeys the larger a monkey’s testicles are, the smaller its voice.

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