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A Horse and $2.9 Million Dollars at the Costa Rica Border

Somebody Left A Horse with 2.9 Million Dollars at the Costa Rica Border. It can happen. We have all forgotten things when in a hurry. That...

In Costa Rica, horses heal pain and sadness

Equine therapy is an increasingly widespread therapeutic technique that takes advantage of the horse's movements and energy to support the treatment of various ailments.

Guanacaste: Painted Pony Guest Ranch is a horse lover’s paradise

“Our horses, you’ve got to ride,” says Kay Dodge of the Painted Pony Guest Ranch and Casagua Horse Farm in Guanacaste. “These are horses that will run.” Saddle up!

PHOTOS: The best of Palmares Tope 2016

The annual Palmares Fiestas kicked off Thursday at 1 p.m. with the tope (horse parade), which featured approximately 2,500 riders and horses.

PHOTOS: San José’s ‘tope’ takes spectators on a colorful ride

Thousands of riders and their equine companions came from different corners of Costa Rica to show off their best riding styles, saddles and outfits.

Tourists urged to help stop mistreatment of horses

“There are operators of house tours that approach tourists on the beaches or along roads offering horse riding at low, low prices. Tourists, thinking of saving money, accept,” says Katya Bader. “But the horses may be in bad condition, overworked or dehydrated, or they may have sores."

5 things to know about Costa Rica’s gigantic Palmares Festival

Each year in January, Ticos descend on the sleepy coffee town of Palmares, northwest of San José, for the country’s most rowdy fiesta. Palmares hosts a traditional Costa Rican festival with bullfights, horse parades and carnival rides, but also brings in famous international acts and way more beer than is probably necessary.

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