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A Horse and $2.9 Million Dollars at the Costa Rica Border

Somebody Left A Horse with 2.9 Million Dollars at the Costa Rica Border.

It can happen. We have all forgotten things when in a hurry.

That said, according to La Prensa and La Nacion a,few fellows were in such a hurry they crossed the border illegally from Nicaragua into Los Chiles, Costa Rica leaving their horse and some bucks behind.

Call it 2.9 million. A nice round number.

It has been said many times before that the guy that counts first is the winner. That is the tally anyway, 2.9 million dollars in cash that the Nicaraguan authorities are reporting that they confiscated.

It is a long way from Los Chiles, Costa Rica to Managua.  Lots of “tolls” long the way in my experience. You even have to drive by Ortega’s house on the way.

That raises some other questions. Big bags of cash, in the millions, by horseback from Nicaragua into Costa Rica?

This is a new one, or maybe it is not? One would think in this day and age you could figure out a way to move your stacks of cash around and avoid all this “awkwardness” with an equestrian based solution.

Brought down by some fleet footed but absent minded cowboys with small bladders? How many other horses did they have in this convoy anyway?

Rest assured, the Nicaraguan government is sure to get to the bottom of it.

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