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How to beat the rainy season in Costa Rica with kids

I come from dry places. I am relatively new at motherhood. I am relatively new to Costa Rica. Therefore, the first downpours to trap me — along with a husband, a 3-year-old and a newborn — inside our small San José apartment filled me with dread.

Costa Rica’s Unofficial Third Season

Costa Rica has a tropical climate since it lies so near the equator.  In fact, the country is famous for having one of the...

A Costa Rica gardener’s guide for the early Green Season

HOME GARDENING: June weather is ideal for growing produce in every bioregion of Costa Rica.

Pan American Health Organization says winter season, hurricanes threaten fight against COVID-19

Health systems will have to respond to both the pandemic and the peak of other respiratory diseases, while an active hurricane season could jeopardize progress.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Day of the Devils

The "Juego de los Diablitos," or Little Devils' Game, brings the colorful masks of the Brunca people to life in a violent ceremony re-enacting a rejection of the Spanish conquistadors.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Moving Pictures

Writer (and actor) Robert Isenberg arrives on the set of the film "Italia 90" but has no idea who he's supposed to play in the story of Costa Rica's legendary 1990 World Cup run.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Who Watches the Guachimán?

As a pedestrian, not a driver, Robert Isenberg has a different relationship with the guachimánes than most.

Robert Isenberg’s funny, moving ‘Green Season’ debuts

Former Tico Times reporter Robert Isenberg's "The Green Season" is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving book about his first year in Costa Rica.

Why Costa Rica’s ‘green season’ is the best time to visit

Travelers who avoid Costa Rica during its rainy season are missing out on a resplendent time of year — and some great hotel deals. Here's our list of hotels around the country where you can stay some nights for free.

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