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Costa Rica inaugurates Las Pailas II geothermal plant, boosts sustainable energy production

Over the past several years, Costa Rica has generated the vast majority of its electricity from renewable sources, including geothermal power. 

Costa Rica, Japan move forward with geothermal energy project

Japan has agreed to loan Costa Rica $224 million to finance part of the construction of a geothermal project in Liberia, Guanacaste.

Costa Rica legislature to hear bill allowing ‘green’ geothermal projects in national parks

Despite declarations from the executive branch that the Costa Rican government will not pursue geothermal electricity development in national parks, the office of governing Citizen Action Party legislator Ottón Solís is working on a bill to allow it in three volcanic protected areas.

Kalambu combines a waterpark with thermal pools

Water rides and thermal pools and a view of a perfect volcanic cone? For the suburban vacationer who prefers an antiseptic alternative to actual rivers, Kalambu will fit the bill.

Costa Rica signs first loan contract with Japan for new Guanacaste geothermal projects

Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís attended the signing ceremony, saying the planned geothermal projects “will not interfere with territory in national parks.” Instead, he said they involve “new technologies that permit the exploration and utilization of wells without damaging conservation areas.”

Costa Rica to sign loan with Japan for expansion of geothermal energy projects

A delegation led by President Luis Guillermo Solís on Monday will meet with representatives of the Japanese government to sign a $550 million loan to finance the construction of three geothermal power plants in the northwestern province of Guanacaste.

How one island powered itself with a volcano

Geothermal energy, the productive use of the vast quantity of thermal energy within Earth's crust, is one of the few renewable, low-carbon emission energy sources that can consistently generate power 24-hours a day, irrespective of the season.

The ghosts of the campaign

I say this with absolute certainty: This electoral campaign is the most lacking of substance of any I can recall.

Costa Rica to build 3 geothermal electricity plants with Japanese funding

A $560 million loan over the next 40 years will hopefully bring Costa Rica closer to its goal to generate 95 percent of its electricity with renewable resources.

ICE chief promises compromise on geothermal energy in national parks

Lawmaker José María Villalta, a member of the legislative Energy and Environment Commission, called for a national discussion on the geothermal energy issue.

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