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Three dead in Colombia protests as wave of unrest continues in South America

The protests come amid social upheaval across South America, as a wave of unrest over the past two months has battered governments in Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Ex-FARC leader issues call to arms in Colombia

Colombia's conservative President Ivan Duque said Thursday he would send a special army unit to hunt down ex-FARC leaders who announced they were taking...

Despite its dark past, Medellín, Colombia, remains one of Latin America’s great cities

Once synonymous with drugs and bloodshed, Medellín now provides an unbelievably vibrant and colorful stage for an increasing number of foreign visitors.

Colombia announces cease-fire deal to end 52-year conflict with FARC

The conflict has killed an estimated 220,000 people and forced nearly 7 million Colombians from their homes over the decades. Thousands of Colombians have sought refuge in Costa Rica.

Waging peace in Colombia

All of my predecessors over the past five decades attempted to make peace with the FARC, the largest and oldest guerrilla army to have emerged in Latin America. They all failed. So why has this peace process proved successful?

Brother of Colombia’s former President Álvaro Uribe arrested for homicide

BOGOTÁ, Colombia – A brother of Colombia's former President Álvaro Uribe, Santiago Uribe, has been arrested on suspicion of homicide and links to ultra-conservative militia, authorities said Monday.

Mafia profits tempt Colombia’s Marxist rebels as peace nears

FARC leaders negotiating in Havana have vowed to enter politics if a peace deal is signed. But as many as 20 percent of their subordinates could join criminal gangs and continue lucrative cocaine and illegal gold mining operations, according to the Washington Office on Latin America.

Colombia frees first FARC rebels under peace process

Colombia said Thursday it has freed 16 FARC guerrillas pardoned in peace negotiations with the leftist rebels, as the two sides move toward a deal to end their half-century conflict.

Demining Colombia will take ‘a generation’: minister

As the Colombian government and FARC rebels close in on a landmark peace deal, anti-personnel mines are one of the biggest problems facing the South American country in its post-conflict transition.

Colombia, FARC rebels sign key deal on victims

Colombia's government and FARC guerrillas signed an agreement Tuesday on paying reparations and providing justice for victims of their half-century conflict, a key breakthrough after three years of peace talks.

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