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Costa Rica president-elect Chaves says will not ratify environment treaty

Costa Rican President-elect Rodrigo Chaves said Tuesday that his government would not ratify the Escazu Agreement that establishes protection for environmentalists. The treaty was the...

Costa Rica Launches Its First National Plan for Climate Change Adaptation

Costa Rica launched, on Monday, its first National Climate Change Adaptation Plan, which sets out a five-year route for the country. The Plan seeks...

‘Now or never’ to avoid climate catastrophe, warns UN

Humanity has less than three years to halt the rise of planet-warming carbon emissions and less than a decade to slash them by nearly...

Costa Rica will receive $10.3 million to Decarbonize the Greater Metropolitan Area

The Global Environmental Fund (GEF) announced that it will provide Costa Rica with $10.3 million over five years to invest in the decarbonization of...

The Costa Rica Strategy to Reduce Greenhouse Gas in Farming

Costa Rica has approximately 1.6 million head of cattle, according to The National Institute of Statistics and Census’ (INEC) latest National Agricultural Survey. This...

World Wildlife Day Celebrated in Costa Rica

The goal of today, March 3rd is to raise awareness about the current status of endangered and critically endangered wildlife species, and to highlight...

Peru declares environmental emergency on coastal area hit by oil spill

Peru declared an environmental emergency Saturday to battle an oil spill caused by freak waves from a volcanic eruption in the South Pacific. The stunningly...

Colombian Amazon: Casualty of Peace

In just a few minutes, an enormous century-year-old tree is felled by an electric saw in the middle of a protected national park. The...

Costa Rica to participate in COP26 climate summit

President Carlos Alvarado will lead the Costa Rican delegation that will participate in COP26,

‘Moment of truth’: UN Biodiversity chief urges action as biodiversity summit opens

Beijing, the world's biggest polluter, has sought to position itself in recent years as a world leader on environmental issues.

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