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Climate change creating new virus hotspots ‘in our backyard’

Climate change will drive animals towards cooler areas where their first encounters with other species will vastly increase the risk of new viruses infecting...

Costa Rica lawmakers sink trawling project

A majority of lawmakers this week supported President Carlos Alvarado’s veto of a controversial project that would have authorized trawl fishing in Costa Rican waters.

Waste management ‘one of biggest environmental problems,’ Costa Rica says

The Costa Rican government on Wednesday called mis-handling of solid waste one of the biggest environmental problems facing the country today. 

Costa Rica passes watered-down anti-plastics law

The project was originally more ambitious, but that he modified it so as not to affect the plastics industry, which employs 14,000 people in Costa Rica.

The main commitments of the countries in the Paris Agreement

These are the current commitments of the main issuing countries of the Paris Agreement.

Watch: President Carlos Alvarado speaks at Climate Week in New York City

President Alvarado discussed Costa Rica's role in the fight against climate change. 

Thousands of dead fish found in Caribbean rivers

Water samples were collected from the river for laboratory testing; environmentalists believe the death of fish could be linked to the use of agrochemicals at farms in the area.

Earth Hour in Costa Rica saved more electricity than in 2016

During this year's Earth Hour, Costa Rica saved 32 kilowatts, 2 more than in last year's celebration.

Crocodile found dead in Gulf of Nicoya following thousands of washed up fish

Something very bad is happening in the Gulf of Nicoya, where a dead crocodile turned up just days after thousands of dead sardines washed ashore.

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