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Costa Rica’s electric grid powered by 98% renewable energy for 7th straight year

The Costa Rican government expects the country will generate more than 98% of its electric energy from renewable resources in 2021. That means Costa Rica...

Renewable Energy: Costa Rica’s Energy Independence

You may recognize Costa Rica for its lush tropical rainforests and breathtaking beaches. However, Costa Rica has been making headlines in recent years for a...

Now you can save lots of money migrating to solar energy in Costa Rica

According to Ministerial Decree 39220 (Ruling for the distributed Electrical generators for self-usage), since October 2015 the installations of solar panels with DC to...

ICE seeks annulment of $112 million payment to Italian company

The state-owned Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) asked for an annulment of the mediation proceedings that require the institute to provide a large payment...

Power overload in Panama causes outage in Costa Rica

Traffic Police Director Mario Calderón reported that there were 71 accidents during the power outage throughout the country.

Burning humanity’s poop could yield up to $9.5 billion

We could all be sitting on gold mines. U.N. researchers calculated that extracting biogas from human poop could be worth up to $9.5 billion.

New York wants to lead the renewable energy revolution. Here’s how.

New York state officials say small-scale power production is the wave of the future. The big power plants will still be there, and the local utility will still run wires to your house. But your power supply will be a mix of what you and your neighbors produce from technology like rooftop solar and what you buy from the electrical grid.

Central America panel seeks ways to slash region’s sky high electricity prices

A top State Department official in Washington, D.C. said Central America — which relies heavily on diesel and fuel oil for power generation — is now in an ideal position to cut electricity costs by introducing alternative sources like natural gas and renewable energy.

The battle over distributed generation of electricity in Costa Rica

Everyone in the world is impressed that Costa Rica generated 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources for the first 75 days of this year. Just imagine how impressed they would be – and how proud we could be – if we were able to do that every day of every year.

Regulatory agency drops electricity rates for all distributors in Costa Rica

A day after it approved rate hikes last week for the Costa Rican Electricity Institute, or ICE, the Public Services Regulatory Authority on Friday approved a decrease in electricity rates for all of the country’s electricity distributors. That change will take effect on Oct. 1.

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