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Are Electric Cars The Future in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is considered a pioneer when it comes to the encouraging green energy and fighting the current global climate crisis and has been...

Countries eye electric car future

Cape Verde wants clean cars to account for 100 percent of the market in 2035 while Costa Rica has set a 2050 date.

Costa Rica launches first electric bus route in San José

Over the last six years, Costa Rica has generated at least 98% of its electricity through renewable means.

Electric vehicle adoption rate in Costa Rica remains low

Costa Rica this year added 727 new electric vehicles for a total of 3,106 registered in the country.

Costa Rica news highlights to start your Thursday

Costa Rica coronavirus news, another windy day, and a new electric vehicle charging station.

Costa Rica news highlights to start your Wednesday

Costa Rica coronavirus news, weather updates, electric buses and more.

Costa Rica launches plan to adopt electric buses

She said that buses, which will begin to circulate at the end of this year, will provide information on the behavior of electric transport in the geographical and climatic conditions of the country.

Costa Rica says it’s the first country in the region with nationwide electric vehicle charging grid

When the National Decarbonization Plan was inaugurated last year, modernizing the country's transportation infrastructure was listed as a pillar of the initiative. 

Costa Rica launches special credits for electric cars, taxis and buses

Each of the three state banks presented their loan proposals to boost electric transport and replace fossil-fueled vehicles.

Costa Rica upholds tax breaks for electric cars, solar panels

In 2018 alone, more electric vehicles entered the country than had entered over the previous seven years combined.

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