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Spike in ketamine overdoses prompts tighter controls

Costa Rica's Health Ministry has included the anaesthetic ketamine in the country's list of controlled substances following an increase in overdoses.

Pot popsicle lands high (school) student in hospital 

Police reportedly called the girl’s parents and issued a public call for students to avoid anything handed to them in the street (like strange frozen things in plastic bags).

Pigeon lands behind bars in Costa Rica for drug trafficking

Authorities did not say how long the pigeon had been flying high in its life of crime, but it will now spend its days behind bars at an animal rescue center.

Duh: DEA finally admits marijuana is safer than heroin

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It's official: the U.S. government's top drug cop has acknowledged that marijuana is less dangerous than heroin.

Costa Rican judicial reform bill would create specialized drug courts

Debate over the need for specialized judges and courts to review drug trafficking cases followed the arrest of a prominent judge in the Caribbean province of Limón, Judge Rosa Elena Gamboa, in May 2014.

Santana and Neil Young aren’t coming. Untangling the great, Deadhead acid test mess

a planned 50th anniversary celebration of Kesey's famous acid tests — set to take place alongside the Grateful Dead's farewell celebration in Chicago July 4th weekend, no less — has collapsed so spectacularly it's better described with a common cliché.

Medical marijuana proposal in Costa Rica gets Health Ministry review

Medical marijuana would only be approved as a "last resort” treatment after all other options have been exhausted, the ministry said.

Drugs hidden in Costa Rica exports pass unnoticed through ports

Costa Rica’s main port in Limón has been unable to bring two Chinese-donated X-ray scanners fully online six years after they were donated. The scanners lack Internet and electrical connections and can't be operated in the rain.

Airport police arrest Tico with more than a kilo of cocaine

Araya is the 16th drug smuggler nabbed at Juan Santamaría International Airport so far this year. He was the second Costa Rican arrested with drugs; the other suspected smugglers were all foreign nationals.

Costa Rican cops bust Italian man with 101 cocaine-filled capsules in his stomach

The 31-year-old suspect was arrested as he attempted to board a flight to Venice, Italy.

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