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Costa Rica’s road network will take 9 years to be restored

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation estimated that it would take nine years to fix and recover Costa Rica's road network. Luis Amador, Minister...

Costa Rica Covid-19 Driving Restrictions Are Lifted

The authorities of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation will no longer be enforcing the Cov-19 sanitary driving restrictions. Those restrictions prevented the majority...

Costa Rica Sanitary Driving Restrictions Back In Effect

Costa Rica driving restrictions for November 2021

Driving to San Jose After The Holidays: Know Before You Go

Today is the day to pack your patience if you are driving back to San Jose from your beach vacation. Tomorrow students and most government...

Costa Rica Driving Restrictions for December 20 to January 15

Costa Rican authorities on Wednesday announced the country’s Covid-19-related driving restrictions for December 20 - January 15 2022 In light of the progress made in...

How to: Driver’s Licenses in Costa Rica

The Tico Times has experience with some of the less publicized aspects of living in Costa Rica: the laws, the social intricacies and the cultural norms beyond learning to say, “Pura Vida, mae.”

Costa Rica to allow full crowds by March; more time for kids’ vaccination

Costa Rica will allow capacity crowds at sporting, cultural and large academic events by March 2021, authorities announced this week. “After the evolution of the...

Costa Rica eases coronavirus measures for November 2021

Costa Rica's coronavirus measures for November 2021

President Alvarado vetoes marchamo discount; payments start today

President Carlos Alvarado vetoed legislation that would have discounted Costa Rica’s mandatory vehicle circulation permits, or marchamos.

Costa Rica’s coronavirus measures for November 2021

Costa Rica's coronavirus measures for November 2021

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