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How accurately does “Jurassic Park” describe Costa Rica?

We spared no expense and reviewed Jurassic Park for its Costa Rican accuracy.

Warning: Dinosaurs on the prowl at new Dino Park near Liberia

New Dino Park at Blue River Resort in Guanacaste will sink its teeth into your inner child.

Jurassic Park star was fluffy with wings: study

The mean, green, man-eating lizards depicted in Jurassic Park probably looked more like large, toothy turkeys, a study found.

Costa Rica’s love-hate relationship with ‘Jurassic Park’

Moviemakers didn't bother to consult an atlas before filming scenes that ostensibly took place in Costa Rica. Will the latest installment do better?

Perplexing ‘platypus’ dinosaur discovered in Chile

It doesn't resemble a platypus, but the newest species of theropod -- the dinosaur group that included Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus and evolved into modern birds -- is a similarly confusing hodgepodge of dino qualities.

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