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Scientists race against time in the face of Amazon devastation

In a remote and still preserved jungle of the Brazilian Amazon, a scientific expedition has been cataloguing biodiversity and searching for new species for...

Brazil sets new six-month Amazon deforestation record

Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon reached a record level during the first half of 2022, the INPE national space agency said Friday. The world's largest...

Deforestation, climate change making outdoor work unsafe: study

A double-blow of forest destruction and climate change has caused temperatures to soar in many tropical locations, making outdoor work unsafe for millions of...

Costa Rica among winners of Earthshot environmental prize

Costa Rica was awarded for a project to pay people to restore natural ecosystems.

Germany donates 10,000 trees to Costa Rica

The government of Germany, through its San José Embassy, donated 10,000 trees to Costa Rica's Huella del Futuro initiative.

Costa Rica among finalists for Prince William environment prize

Costa Rica is pioneering a project to pay people to restore natural ecosystems.

Environmental efforts send Costa Rica to top of Human Development Index in Latin America

Costa Rica climbed in the Human Development Index (HDI) in 2020.

World Bank grants Costa Rica $60 million for communities that protect forests

The World Bank and Costa Rica signed an agreement for $60 million to reward local communities that reduce carbon emissions caused by deforestation, the two parties reported on Friday.

The planet loses 40 soccer fields worth of forests every minute

In just 10 years the planet has lost 945,345 km2 of natural forests, a little over the total size of Venezuela.

Costa Rica’s climate pledge: 5 things to know

While Costa Rica's negotiating team continues to push its agenda in the French capital, here are five things to know about the country's climate pledge.

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