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CRUSA Foundation

Costa Rica to support wellness tourism with initiative

Hot springs, yoga retreats and massage therapy are some of the activities Costa Rica hopes to support through a new initiative aimed at promoting wellness tourism.

Apply now: CRUSA offering full-ride scholarships to US colleges

The scholarship covers tuition, books and other classroom materials, health insurance and living expenses.

This week in the Peace Corps: Sports for youth development

Some rural communities struggle with lack of resources and recreational activities. In my personal experience, the majority of the people in my community play soccer and ride their bikes.

This week in the Peace Corps: A volunteer’s time in Talamanca

It’s interesting when people ask me what’s it like living in an indigenous territory.

This week in the Peace Corps: Mural project opens doors to the explore the world

Peace Corps Volunteers across the globe often look to incorporate a world map mural project in their community.

This week in the Peace Corps: Camp GLOW empowering young women worldwide

GLOW stands for "Girls Leading Our World," and, according to Peace Corps, it has been a program led by volunteers for more than 20 years. 

This week in the Peace Corps: Jumpstarting English with Peace Corps Volunteers

JumpStart camps led by Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) have officially begun all throughout Costa Rica. These intensive four-week English camps provide children from low-income areas the opportunity to learn with their peers before starting high school, and provide hands-on training to public-school teachers.

This week in the Peace Corps: A Costa Rican Country Christmas

On Dec. 26, 2016, I woke up relieved. I had made it through my very first Christmas away from home. I remember reassuring myself that my second year of service would be different; I would make it home to spend the holidays with friends and family.

This week in the Peace Corps: Moving Out in Costa Rica

Upon arrival in Costa Rica, and as part of our three months of training before being sent to our permanent sites, all aspiring Volunteers are placed with host families. 

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