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Costa Rican snakes

Risk of snake bites increases during rainy season in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to a wide range of snake species. It has 144 types of serpents, making it one of the nations with...

The Fer De Lance Snake in Costa Rica: 23 Interesting Facts

The first time I saw a Fer de Lance I had never heard of it nor did I have any idea how dangerous it...

Watch: Snake stops traffic in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to about 140 snake species, of which only 23 are considered venomous.

Kiwi conservationist bitten by fer-de-lance in Costa Rica

The fer-de-lance, known locally a terciopelo, is a highly venomous pit viper. 

WHO, Costa Rica partner to combat snakebite mortality

WHO estimates 5.4 million snakebites occur each year, resulting in at least 1.8 million cases of envenoming (poisoning from snakebites) and 81,400 deaths. 

Video: Seven-year-old wrangles snake on Nicoya Peninsula

Hunter is a seven-year-old junior firefighter with Bomberos de Nosara on the Nicoya Peninsula.

New venomous snake species discovered in Costa Rica

The discovery brings the total number of snakes in Costa Rica to 143, of which 23 are venomous.

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