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costa rican legal system

Read this legal breakdown of Costa Rica’s Global Income Tax project

The project, worked under file No. 22.383, aims to unify the tax obligations for Costa Rica tax residents. Depending on the amount, it would be taxed between 10 and 27.5%.

Costa Rica entry rules ‘incredibly conflicting,’ law office says

But the current border rules, which allow for arriving flights from some countries, are both "incredibly conflicting" and lack legal certainty, a law office says.

Security guard receives 16 years in prison for murder of Carla Stefaniak

Espinoza Martinez received 16 years in prison.

Costa Rica’s stricter gun laws pass second debate

The stricter gun laws come as Costa Rica experiences a rise in homicides.

Criminal case dismissed in investigation of 2017 Nature Air crash

The Court of Nicoya has dismissed a criminal case investigating the December 2017 Nature Air crash in Costa Rica that killed the flight's...

Suspect in Carla Stefaniak’s death charged with second-degree murder

Espinoza Martinez has been charged by the Pavas Prosecutor's Office with 'homicidio simple.'

How to file a criminal complaint, or ‘denuncia,’ in Costa Rica

Denuncias, or criminal complaints, allow people in Costa Rica to come forward with abuses of power within the state. The Tico Times helps English speakers through the process.

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