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costa rican history

5 (debated) things about Costa Rica’s National Hero Juan Santamaría?

Some historians and sociologists say the original construction of the Juan Santamaría myth was, well, convenient.

Gravedigger in Costa Rica discovers century-old construction in Heredia cemetery

A worker at the Central Cemetery of Heredia made an unexpected discovery while digging to prepare a niche at the request of a family:...

Costa Rica’s Old Houses and Ox Carts Museum

Welcome to the home of Jose Maria Castro, Costa Rica's first head of state and two-time president, and his wife Pacifica Fernandez who also...

Who Was The Costa Rica Cacique Garabito?

No different than any other heavenly place in Costa Rica, Garabito is of magnificent beauty in its abundance of sprawling diverse nature and beaches....

When Bocas del Toro, Panama was part of Costa Rica

Look closely at this mid-1800s map of Costa Rica, and you might spot some major differences. 

The birth of the Pan-American Highway in Costa Rica

I've always believed that the direction of my life was set by the birth of the Pan-American Highway (a.k.a. Inter-American Highway).

Life in Juan Santamaría’s Costa Rica: A look back

As the country celebrates Juan Santamaría Day, columnist Mitzi Stark takes a look at the Costa Rica of 1856.

How Costa Rica’s first international airport became its biggest urban park

But La Sabana was Costa Rica's principal international airport for two decades.

Celebrating Costa Rica Independence Day: Why the Lantern Parade?

When I was growing up, faroles – the handmade lanterns meant to symbolize the 19th-century journey that brought the message of Central American independence to Costa Rica – were simple constructions, made of paper.

A letter to our readers

As 2017 begins, The Tico Times is proud to renew its commitment to telling the stories of Costa Rican immigration and emigration – and as our new feature shows, it's hard to find any family here that doesn't have that history woven into its family tree.

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