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New Costa Rica Visa Requirements for Venezuelans

It just got more difficult to get into Costa Rica, especially for Venezuelans. Starting next week on February 21st anyone from Venezuela will need...

Costa Rica closes embassy in Venezuela as cost-cutting measure

Costa Rica on Wednesday announced the closure of the country's embassy and consulate general in Caracas, Venezuela.

Contact group on Venezuela says ‘status quo not an option’

The number of Venezuelans fleeing economic devastation at home under Maduro is likely to soar from 4.5 million currently to 6.5 million next year.

Uproar as Venezuela wins seat on UN rights council

Human Rights Watch condemned Thursday's vote as a slap in the face to the people of Venezuela and the international community.

UN elects Venezuela over Costa Rica to serve on Human Rights Council

Venezuela beat Costa Rica by just nine votes.

Costa Rica presents itself as alternative to Venezuela for the UN Human Rights Council

Venezuela had been virtually guaranteed a seat on the UN Human Rights Council before Costa Rica intervened.

The ‘orphans’ of the Venezuelan exodus

With 3.6 million Venezuelans who have left their country since 2016, according to the UN, infants growing up in foster homes have multiplied, with grandparents as primary caregivers.

US invokes regional defense treaty after military exercises in Venezuela

Costa Rica tried unsuccessfully to approve an amendment to the resolution excluding the use of armed force as an alternative.

Venezuela condemned by OAS for ‘systematic’ rights abuses

Under Maduro, the once-rich oil producer has spiraled into a severe crisis that has driven millions of Venezuelans to leave the country.

Costa Rica repatriates nine Ticos from Venezuela

The group arrived via a commercial flight to Juan Santamaría International Airport in Alajuela. 

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