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Costa Rica trade

Costa Rican named to World Trade Organization deputy leader role

Gonzalez is a former foreign trade minister who also served as a senior director at the World Bank and as director of the agriculture and commodities division at the WTO.

Costa Rica proposes pilot plan to streamline borders during crisis

Some 20% of Costa Rica's exports go to Central America, and 90% of that total is mobilized by land.

China to lower tariffs, begin importing Costa Rican pork in January

The move does not appear to be linked to the bruising trade war between China and the US.

How Costa Rica’s cement market became a hotbed of intrigue

Alvaro Murillo takes an in-depth look at the often confusing, frequently surprising, and still ongoing case of the so-called #cementazo, and what it means for Costa Rica.

Mexico takes Costa Rica ban on avocados to World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization will grant Costa Rica ten days to file a response, and the countries will then have 60 days to negotiate a solution on the ban on Hass avocados.

Costa Rica evaluates lifting ban on Mexican avocados

The Agriculture Ministry said in a news release that officials are working on a protocol that would allow them negotiate the reopening of avocado imports from Mexico by midyear.

Costa Rican importers decry black market avocados 1 year after ban

Agricultural importers say contraband Mexican Hass avocados have been appearing in farmers markets around the capital lately.

British Week Costa Rica: From Shakespeare to Bond

The Costa Rican British Chamber of Commerce (BritCham) has planned the first-ever British Week to showcase the best of Britain.

China helps boost Costa Rica’s beef exports

Exports of Costa Rican beef to China increased by more than 700 percent in one year, according Leonardo Murillo, a livestock research coordinator at the Costa Rican Cattle Corporation.

Six years later, what impact has CAFTA had on Costa Rica?

Overall, the CAFTA-DR agreement as brought Costa Rica economic success. However, with lagging unemployment and almost 20 percent of the country’s GDP generated from exports and investment with the United States, Costa Rica’s economic foundation could tumble quickly.

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