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Costa Rica tax reform

Costa Rican Congress, President Alvarado approve controversial tax reform

The drafted law, “Strengthening public finances,” was approved in the second and final debate with the vote of 34 legislators in favor and 17 against.

Education sector strike once again ruled illegal

The court reasoned the strikes have not being peaceful and have affected essential services.

Court rejects tax reform and asks legislators to eliminate four points

The Plenary Court has rejected the tax reform project in its current state.

Tax reform bill passes first debate; strike will continue

Costa Rica’s controversial fiscal reform proposal took a step toward becoming law Friday evening when the Legislative Assembly approved the bill after a lengthy first debate.

Cats march through streets, rats scared, milk supply runs low

In a display of the movement’s continued momentum, tens of thousands of protesters once again shut down streets throughout Costa Rica’s capital Wednesday.

Costa Rican government and unions willing to start a dialogue to end the strike

The President of Costa Rica made an official statement expressing his willingness to establish a dialogue with the unions.

Sparks of violence on third day of tax-reform protests

Violence broke out on the third day of tax-reform protests in Costa Rica. Protesters confronted police outside the Legislative Assembly in San José on Wednesday afternoon and students clashed with police outside the University of Costa Rica later that night.

Finance Minister: Costa Rica needs drastic spending cuts

Costa Rica's new Finance Minister, Rocío Aguilar, presented a package of drastic cuts to public spending at the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday and asked...

Higher and ampler sales tax recommended

One of the major proposed changes would swap the current sales tax for a value added tax that would encompass services as well as goods. Tourism activities would be exempt for the first year after the law goes into effect, then charged 5 percent in the second year, 10 percent in the third and 15 percent starting the fourth year.

Government tables draft bills aimed at approving fiscal reforms

Delays on the approval of fiscal reforms prompted Fitch Ratings to downgrade Costa Rica's Long-Term currency bonds earlier this month and ratings for six banks, including four state-owned banks.

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