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Alfredo Gago


Growing a Costa Rica Herb Garden in a Jar

The second installment of a new column on doing-it-yourself, tropical-style

Costa Rica Expat Life: The Story of Pancho

When looking at a map of the Americas, this part of the world looks like a bungee cord holding up South America. Picture Costa...

Understanding HOA fees in new Costa Rica developments

I have been a real estate agent since before condominiums and gated communities even existed in Costa Rica. Even in those days, security was an issue. Due to a lack of social welfare and being a developing country, petty thievery and breaking and entering has always existed in Costa Rica, so the creation of condominiums was a good idea.

22 ways a Costa Rica Real Estate Closing can drive you crazy

Whether you're buying or selling, here are 22 deal-breaking missteps to avoid during a real estate closing in Costa Rica.

10 Tips on Selling Real Estate in Costa Rica without an Agent

Is selling a property without a real estate agent a good option in Costa Rica? Some property owners simply don’t like to hire a real...

Costa Rica English – Spanish Real Estate Terminology Guide

From "addendum" to "zoning ordinance," The Tico Times English-Spanish real estate dictionary is your guide to speaking fluent real estate in Costa Rica.

Dangerous ocean currents on Costa Rican Pacific today

There is no risk to the coastal population. However, people are advised to withdraw from the beaches along the Pacific coast.

August soccer magic in the National Stadium

Ronaldinho Gaúcho, the famous Brazilian soccer star, will be playing famous Costa Rican soccer players at the National Stadium in La Sabana San José.

Higher and ampler sales tax recommended

One of the major proposed changes would swap the current sales tax for a value added tax that would encompass services as well as goods. Tourism activities would be exempt for the first year after the law goes into effect, then charged 5 percent in the second year, 10 percent in the third and 15 percent starting the fourth year.

How to Register your Costa Rica Property Title

Even after you've closed on the purchase of a property in Costa Rica, paid your closing attorney his fees and transfer taxes, paid your bank the lender’s fees and administration fees and you are the proud new owner of a home in Costa Rica, you're still not done. Here's what you have to do next.

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