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Costa Rica roads

Costa Rica’s Route 32 Remains Closed

Route 32 continues to be closed after the landslides that occurred in the last few weeks. Its opening is still uncertain as clean-up work...

Costa Rica’s road network will take 9 years to be restored

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation estimated that it would take nine years to fix and recover Costa Rica's road network. Luis Amador, Minister...

The Costa Rica rainy season could collapse roads

Costa Rica’s rainy season, starting in June, "will be more intense than normal" according to forecasts by the National Meteorological Institute (IMN). The Institute...

Costa Rica aims to fix one of biggest road frustrations

CONAVI and AyA have signed a protocol "to coordinate the execution of works by both institutions throughout the country."

Supreme Court condemns Costa Rican government for not lifting road blocks

The roadblocks in Costa Rica broke out Wednesday, September 30, in rejection of a government proposal to negotiate an agreement with the IMF.

Hundreds of GAM traffic lights now run on solar power

The project is an important part of Costa Rica’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality.

Updates: Demonstrations still blocking roads throughout Costa Rica

The Transport Ministry says the following routes are either fully or partially blocked as of Monday morning.

Only half of Costa Rica’s roadway network is in good condition, study finds

The figure of roads in good condition rose from 38 to 48 percent of the total. However, the number of miles in poor condition increased by 71 percent.

The day I rode my bicycle to see the president

"There are some amazing upsides to a country where a government largely trusts its own people, and where vitriol and intolerance are very much the exception, not the rule."

To pave or not to pave? Monteverde’s ongoing roadway saga

Will a newly paved road to Monteverde bring more pros that cons? A resident digs into the issue.

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